Why Tixhyl's Hub

A lot of reasons to chose for Tixhyl's Hub but... here we listed our top three reasons why you should choose for us


On average, we get your print delivered in less than 24 hours


We aim to provide the very highest levels of service, reliability and quality


Get all your questions answered before, during and after your part is printed

Some reviews from 3DHubs clients


"Fantastic service - fast and professional advice, high quality prints. Prompt and precise communication during machine setup and preparation for printing.
I highly recommend Tixhyl's shop for any printing job."


"First order I made on 3D Hubs, and I was pleasantly surprised. Christophe guided me through the process and provided feedback whenever possible. I received 10! pictures during printing (for 2 small parts). The parts were well packaged and shipped with a tracking number.
The built quality was excellent."


"Communication about the specifics of the print was smooth and fast, testprints were provided to verify certain mechanics.
Great and rapid service, with a clean-looking print, thanks!"

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