Last updated on 09/10/2017

Powering up the board

To power up the board you can apply a voltage source of minimum 3.5V and maximum 5.5V via

  • The programmer, if you short the jumper (J1) above the program header
  • Connect the power via any of the VIN and GND pins


You can program the board via any ISP programmer (USBasp, Arduino as ISP, USBtinyISP, …). The pinout of the ICSP header can be found here. In the Arduino IDE, choose USBasp/USBtinyISP/Arduino as ISP as the programmer and ‘Arduino Pro or Pro Mini’ as the board. Next choose ‘ATmega328 (3.3V, 8MHz)’ as the processor. Upload sketches via ‘Sketch -> Upload with programmer’ or CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + U.


Download the MySensors library via the library manager of the ArduinoIDE. The default connection of the CE and CSN in the MySensors library are the same as the MySensors Interface Board. No changes are needed. The only thing you’ll have to manually add to each sketch is setting 3V3 enable high. This is pin 8 (in the Arduino IDE). Otherwise the NRF24L01(+) module won’t power up. This is implemented to completely shut down the wireless module to save power.

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